Conventional Ac’s do not have a Room temp. sensor or a Coil temp. sensor – and operate only on the Return Air temp. which shows error up to +/- 4C.

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The Airtron has two additional sensors one for the Room & one for the Coil – and its multiple algorithms ensure the Room Temp is maintained while compressor run time is substantially reduced to guarantee savings irrespective of geographical location, climate, change of seasons, day or night and yet maintain the Set Room Temperature.

AC’s are only controlled by a Mechanical Relay & Timer – thus, have no” Intelligence”.

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The Airtron is an ‘intelligent’ microprocessor which operates on multiple algorithms in a ‘closed – loop’ circuit based on feedback from its 2 additional sensors, for Room Temperature & Coil Temperature. This also enables the Airtron to adapt to changes in ambient conditions automatically & save electricity.


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